A safe and trusted place to have online gambling and betting: Casino 261

If you are a gambler looking for a trusted and reliable place for  online gambling, casino 261 is just the right place to visit.

Casino 261 is a unique online gambling platform which offers lots of entertainment and money to its players. Their website meets all the requirements of a trustworthy online gambling website. They have a detailed website which provides complete information about their gaming and what they offer. Their terms and conditions section gives comprehensive details about how to proceed with gambling.

They provide 24/7 customer support which includes online chatting facility, email and contact numbers so in the case of any problem you can get in touch immediately with an instant response. There are very few online casinos that offer security guarantees to their players and Casino 261 is one of them. They provide you with a complete security of your personal information and fair game.

Types of game Casino 261 offers

There are different kinds of gaming options that are offered at Casino 261 so that you have an enjoyable experience and do not get bored.

The first type of game is a sportsbook which is immensely popular all across the globe. So if you are football enthusiasts and wish to try your luck, this game is for you. There are different options available within the football betting games which you can try out easily.

In addition to a variety of football games, there are different kinds of casino games available to keep you entertained and interested all the time. They are live casino games which you can play online and there is no need to download big files to your computer. You can play them anytime and from anywhere at your own ease.

History of slot games

Slot machines are now rampant in almost every part of the world in several different formats. Its origin can be traced as far back as the late 1800’s in the United States where a game was developed by Charles Fey which was based on this very concept that these modern slot games are following.

The first concept of play free slot games can be seen in playing of cards on reels where the objective was to stack up a reel of 5 cards corresponding to a winning combination yielding a prize based on the strength of hand hit. This concept of slot games however never reached the limelight. However, a slot machine based on a similar but slightly distinct concept amassed great interest and praise in the west coast. This machine was developed by an immigrant from Germany known by the name of Charles Fey. The machine developed by the aforementioned individual did not employ cards but 6 unique symbols one of which was lucky horse shoes. The device worked on the principle of stops behind the symbols. The mechanical device would stop randomly. The change of achieving any single combination in that device could be adjusted by having one or less notches behind it. It cost around a nickel to play one slot of that device and it came with a maximum reward of 50c.

play free slots

Over the passage of time, players and dealers found several exploits with each of the parties using them to their own advantages. However, the advent of electronic slot machines turned the tide back in to the favour of casinos. Although some mechanical fixes were employed to stop the cheats. However, it wasn’t until the mid 1960s that these machines were introduced. These electronic slot machines were based on mechanical reels controlled by micro chips.


The mobile or cellular industry has grown to the extent that literally our lives seem incomplete without it. This significance of the mobile market has opened new horizons for different businesses that include betting industry as well. Let’s discuss the basics of betting on Android devices. Whether it is in the form a mobile application or website, every online sports betting operator is supported by Androids.

Originated in 2003, Android, Inc. was actually developed to create operating systems for digital cameras. Since the potential market was huge enough, the company decided to develop a smartphone operating system.

Android was acquired by Google in 2005 for $50 million. This acquisition was a clear signal that Google was going to step into mobile phone market. Android phones swept the market and today they was first released in October 2008. Since that time, Android phones are the most popular and they represent over 80 percent of the smartphones’ market and are sold more than other mobile companies combined.

betting apps android

Gambling applications in the Play Store are not allowed not just for citizens of the United States, but also in regulated markets, such as Europe.

Although, under the current rules, sports betting applications are not allowed through the Play Store but this does not mean that these applications can’t be downloaded. Unlike Apple, Android is an open source platform that allows third-party app marketplaces. Apart from using a third-party app marketplace, sports betting applications can also be downloaded directly from the bookmaker’s site using a QR.

Creating a shortcut to the mobile betting site on your Android device’s tab is an excellent route to access the sports book’s mobile site. Not only you can place bets in a single click but also you can run the most up to date software version.

The Android market is constantly enhancing and modifying that is why Android phones lead the mobile phone market worldwide. There is a lot of room for innovation through its open source design.

bettingapps.org continue to run efficiently and can be upgraded with new features due to more customization options.. Bettors can expect everything the mobile sports betting world has to offer on Android offers everything that the mobile sports betting world has.

Players get informed of profitable betting opportunities through several apps. Android apps offer In-play or live betting across the board.

For the first time players or customers, bonuses or rewards are offered by many bookmakers. A small bonus is provided to players who log in from a mobile device or simply download their app. These bonuses can either be in the form or cash or free play. While some sites offer “no deposit” but most offer reimbursement on the first wager (should the bet lose).

Both as a player and a mobile phone user, it is difficult to go wrong with Android. Indeed, Android phones are the most used mobile devices worldwide and ideal for developers.

There are a number of high quality Android sports betting apps the few of which are as follows:

  • Bet365
  • William HILL
  • Betfair
  • skyBET

Why You Should Choose Ignition Poker

It is quite difficult for a US based poker player to find a reliable poker site at which to play. Keeping that in mind, Ignition Poker (a poker site tailored for US players) is launched.

Ignition Poker offers a range of different poker game variants and a lot of poker players use its online and mobile poker sites. With Ignition Poker one not only can find more than enough open poker tables but always find plenty of ongoing poker tournaments as well. At the same time, being such a large and popular poker site, the prize pools attached to each of its tournaments are huge in value.

Despite the fact that US players often find a limited number of ways to fund their poker site account with real money, Ignition Poker offers a several payment options that are handy and very easy to use for all US based players. Another benefit of playing with Ignition Poker is that when a player makes a withdrawal, his or her winnings will be paid out quickly and with no excessive fees either.

Ignition Poker

For withdrawals, Ignition Poker has introduced the banking interface which is being designed with the player in mind, and as such it is both highly secure and very easy to use.

With Ignition Poker, there is at least $2million every week waiting to be won through different Guaranteed Poker Tournament.

As soon as a player logs into his or her account, he or she can check the poker tournament schedule, and by doing so he or she can find out when each of the tournaments is going to1 start and what the prize pools and entry fees are on each of those tournaments.

Ignition Poker offers two different software platforms. The very first one is an online poker platform that uses a web browser which is fully compatible with that instant play poker platform despite the kind of browser being in use.

Conversely, if a player wants to play poker from a mobile device such as a tablet or smart phone then he or she must download its app in the device and play from anywhere while on the go.

Ignition Poker not only offers 24/7 customer support but also have instructions on how to play its domino 99 tournament or play their poker games being displayed on its website.


Rainbow Riches Free Play Game

One of the world’s most popular and virally growing online casino game is the Rainbow Riches free play. It actually is absolutely free to play and is available both for the iOS and Android users. With millions of users each month, the game has been progressing way to fast than any other online gambling network.

Basically, Rainbow Riches is a 5 reel, 20 playline slot game and the catch here is that huge pot of gold which is waiting for you at the end of the rainbow. You need to grab it but beware of that leprechaun bite that also awaits.


Just by matching three, four or five bonus symbols you can grab the jackpot in the Road to Riches bonus round. All you need is to press the spin button and rotate the wheel. This will also determine the steps taken in the Road to Riches game.

Once you see the wheels landing on collect, the game rewards you with a much higher multiplier. Not to mention that all the prizes in the game being rewarded to the users are proportional to the number of symbols and total stake.

Wishing Well Bonus

We love this one a lot! It’s quite easy to play and win as well. You have to match three, four or five bonus symbols when playing Wishing Well Bonus round. However, users must only choose one wishing well at a time to reveal the bonus amount. Usually a multiplier! Here too, all the prizes are proportional to the number of initiating symbols and total stake.

How to Play

Rainbow Riches is pretty straightforward. You click on Stake/Line with + and – symbols for increasing or decreasing the wager. Do the same on individual lines. Once done, tap on the SPIN button and it will automatically spin the reel for you.

How No Deposit Slots work?

Since the early 2000s, online casinos have been on the verge and they have been offering their players bonuses in terms of spending money playing at their casinos. In the early days of this trend, there were bonuses that were against depositing money. Nowadays, we have the no deposit slots that are quite popular nowadays. You simply need to find the right platform (casino) that offer free slots to play as many games as you want. Luckily, there are a tons of such online gambling sites and casinos where you can sign up for free and avail the no deposit slots offer.

Surely this is a way of marketing leverage as well. A lot of casinos have been able to convert those free players into long term paid customers. But how it actually works? Well, the concept is pretty simple! You have to sign up using your original details and start playing. In the past, some casinos took their users through hectic forms and surveys before they can finally get free slots to play. Nowadays, you sign up and boom, the games are ready for you to try. But is there any benefit of spending time using free slots?

The answer would be a big “YES”. There isn’t any cheating when you play with free slots. Means, the same rules apply when you play for real cash by depositing money. This helps you polish your casino skills for as long as you want. A lot of newbies benefit a lot from this strategy. They first use the free slots to learn how things work, then deposit real cash and gamble big time. What’s more is when you decide to play for real cash, a lot of online casinos have bonus offers that doubles the amount deposited to play.


Poker advise for New players at BandarQ

When it comes to playing poker at BandarQ, you can expect to win, but it is not that easy as it may seem. But as advice for new players at BandarQ, I would say that now and then you will find two decent to good players, a couple of maniacs and about five more players that are all seemingly try to play and win money like you want. And possibly they can’t get the knack of it easily. So, you being one of these players who has just started playing poker and want to know about some strategies for winning and making money, here are a few pieces of advice that could help you.

bandarq-270x1521: Always learn first. Poker is not a game of luck, but a game of skill. You have to accept that it takes the time to learn about the game. The internet is full of some amazing strategies available on poker, and you can benefit a lot from these tips. Not only watching poker on TV, but you can also read books on some legendary players and go through an endless stream of articles available online. Ask your questions on Poker Forums and see what the experts have to say and advice.

2: Poker starts with your bankroll, and you must be well aware of bankroll managements. You must learn about building your bankroll the best and knowing every nitty gritty aspect of it. Once again the importance of reading books and going through related articles is necessary here.

3: Last but not the least is to make a plan. Poker is not a game. Take it as a proper business, and you’ll be seeing gradual progress as you go through. So, being a business own, you are obligated to make strategies for your company and evaluate how to win.

Sportsbook Bonus Guide

Whenever you think of betting on sports online, the first thing you will see is that fancy and flashy Sportsbook bonus offer online. A great way of attracting customers? It may seem like one of the best free bets offers online, but if you go through the terms and conditions of the sportsbook, you will be disappointed to know that the sportsbook bonus offer can only be claimed after you deposit money and put a bet at certain odds as per the instructions of the bookmaker. For the sake of example, let us take the basic bonus offer offered at Bet 365 which is 100% of the money deposited.

risk-free-tipsNow if you deposit $100, they will give $100 as a bonus in your account. This is the sportsbook bonus or free bet offer. Now, users get excited that they have doubled their money and can withdraw it immediately. However, when you go to the withdrawal section, they won’t let you withdraw unless you place certain bets at particular odds prescribed by your bookmaker.

So, to withdraw your sportsbook bonus, you have to place a bet on a match offer available on the bookmaker website. We recommend for soccer matches. Let us suppose you say; England will win against Australia. This is known as a lay bet in which you put a wager on the happening of an event to become true. Now if England wins, you will get the winning amount which is usually at odds of 1.75 or sometimes 2.00 and even 3.00. Also, always bet the $100 along with the bonus amount. Totaling $200! You will win $350, $400 or $500 with a profit margin of $150, $200 and $300. At this point, you will be eligible to withdraw your earnings from the bookmaker website. You should always read the bookmaker’s terms and conditions before you signup.

Free Slots No Download No Registration Instant Play


With the Instant Play for free slots no download no registration you can start your practice right away with no shady software downloads and shitty registration form filling requirements. There are no hidden installs, no pop-ups or any such hassles. You simply need to press the corresponding button and enter into the entertainment of playing with free slot and practice as much as you can. Also, these online casino games can run on nearly any browser. However, we recommend using Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari. Internet Explorer may crash at times during your game.

Bonuses & Benefits

Quite often you get free twirls on slot machines, and they are absolutely free. You are awarded a considerably good output and best of all you don’t need to download or register to grab your bonus. Also, the video slots have some diversity that offers mini-games on their theme. Above all, the biggest benefit and bonus you get while playing and practicing with free slots is your privacy that is never leaked.

Top 3 Free Slots Casinos

1: All Star Slots

All Star Slots have been around since 2010, and they are also a member of Club World Group. They specialize in online gambling entertainment which is safe and fun to play. Their main style of playing is American.

2: Manhattan Slot Casino

They have been around since 2011, and they are also the member of Club World Online entertainment group. While most of their users are from the USA, but you are free to play with their free slots from any part of the world.

3: Zodiac Casino

Perhaps the oldest online casino platform that was launched in 1999 and has been popular ever since. They give out some great rewards and bonuses while you play and their system is 100% safe and free from spams and scams.

The Art Of Bluffing; Poker Game Tips

BluffingIf you can’t put on a good bluff, you are advised to keep away from making a bluff at all. An awful bluff will have losses lined up for you. But good bluffs can help you up your game significantly. So why stay away from this useful tip just because you are bad at it, when we can teach you how to make a good bluff and win? After all, bluffs are how many get the prize, especially in poker Texas Holdem games. A good bluff makes other players fold leaving you to win even when you don’t have a good hand. Don’t get me started on the feeling of satisfaction you get after taking down a huge pot that another player with a better hand should have won. The best player is usually the one with the best bluff not the one with the best hand.

So what do you need to know about bluffing?It is a risky affair, bluffing too often is bad for your game.  So when should you bluff?

  • Bluff only when your opponent(s) is highly likely to fold. No need to risk a bluff when you know you have a stubborn opponent or one who has no problem failing.opponents likely to fold are those with short stacks
  • Bluff only when your stakes are higher. In games where stakes are low, and there is little to lose, few people are likely to fold and chances of you losing are high.
  • When your opponents are showing signs of weakness. This can be hard to tell because your opponents may also be bluffing. A sure sign of weakness is when you are last to open and your opponents are checking to you.

All in all, learn how to get a good hand. Relying on bluffing is a sure gateway to failure.